Company Core Values

Our Clinic Core values define us. They are

  1. Providing the highest quality service and medication available.

  2. Satisfying and delighting our patients.

  3. Supporting team member excellence and happiness.

  4. Caring about our community and our environment.

  5. Listen. Respect. Humility. Empathy. Integrity.

  6. Learn. Educate. Innovate.



As medical practitioners, it is important that we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our patients. We actively listen to their afflictions and offer our honest counsel. The same goes for our colleagues. Constructive expression of oneself is always encouraged in order to create effective solutions that benefit all.



There are breakthroughs in the field of medicine every day. We find humility in knowing that there is a world of new information out there that we have keep up with. That is why we are in constant search of opportunities for growing our knowledge. By building superior skills and embracing new technologies, we become better at addressing the needs of our patients.



We understand how great our responsibility is as doctors. We leave no room for mistakes. We uphold the highest standards of health services at ICARE Medical and Wellness Clinic, combining our years of experience with the latest technologies.