Agnes Radiofrequency Eye Bag Treatment


Agnes Radiofrequency Eye Bag Treatment

Bags from Hermes, Prada are highly desirable, but eyebags are strict no, no’s. Bag under eyes make you more tired & older than you really are. The Agnes RadioFrequency (RF) machine is an innovative breakthrough in treating unsightly eye bags. AGNES gives you the solution for the treatment of eye bag & eye wrinkle by using RF micro-insulated needle.
Agnes RadioFrequency machine is invented by Dr Ahn from Korea and is popular around the world as an alternative to eye bags removal surgery with minimal downtime. It is painless and effective. 


Picture showing the nasal, middle and temporal eyebags that can be targeted with Agnes.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Qn: Is it painful?

          Ans: The procedure has minimal pain as we use both topical anaesthesia as well as local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort. 


      2. Qn: When can I see the result?

          Ans: The best results are seen 4-6 weeks post-treatment and can last 2-3 years. Being non-invasive, you can repeat this 45-minute procedure as often as once a year, unlike surgery.

      3. Qn: Can I combine Agnes with other treatments?

          Ans: Agnes treatment can be combined safely with various treatments like botulinum toxin, fillers and even Rejuran treatment. In fact, we find the best results when treatment modalities are combined as each treatment addresses a particular aspect of ageing. 

       4. Qn: What do I look out for after treatment?

            Ans: Immediately after treatment, we will recommend applying ice pack to minimise the bruising. There will be medication to relieve inflammation to consume for a few days. In addition, a follow-up appointment will be made to assess your recovery. 





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