Forehead Sculpting

Beautiful Female Forehead is Smooth, Rounded and Free of Blemishes

beautiful female forehead


The forehead of a young person usually has a convex prominence. As a person ages, the loss of forehead fat pad (See diagram – Fat pad 7 and 8) causes the forehead to lose its projection and hence convexity. Forehead shaping can be safely performed using cannula technique with Juvederm range of fillers while paying special attention to the facial vascular supply  of forehead to reduce vascular compromise. 


Forehead shaping is frequently requested as per recommendation of the fengshui master to improve one’s fortune. As such, it is important to look after one’s forehead and keep it free of blemishes, spots and unsightly pimples. The final results are highly dependent on volume replacement and a typical forehead replacement may need at least 4 to 6 syringes of filler. 

Estimated Cost $2000 to 4000

Fat Pad of the face (picture from
Allergan – My beauty plan app)

 Female Forehead

facial fat pad forehead shaping
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