Nasolabial Fold

Etiology of Nasolabial folds

  1. Soft Tissue laxity due to loss of elastin

  2. Loss of malar fat pad (fat pad 4) with ageing cause the nasolabial fold to thicken.

  3. Weakness of supporting septae extending from SMAS into the dermis.  


Hence, treatment of nasolabial fold may involve more than simply filling the lines. 

  1. The soft tissue laxity maybe addressed with ultrasonic tightening devices such as High Intensity Focus Ultrasound

  2. The loss of malar fat pad with be addressed by the MD codes injection by Dr Maricio de Maio. 


Don’t Chase the Nasolabial fold (lines) 

Female with Nasolabial fold

 Fat pads of the face – from My
Beauty Plan app (Allergan)

de la Torre JI. Facelift

nasolabial fold facial fat pad SMAS



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