Pigmentation / Dull Skin

Sciton BBL / Fotona ND Yag (Carbon Peel) / Cosmelan Peel / Crystal facial treatment

Dull pigmented skin is a major concern for women. The presence of pigmentation makes an otherwise pretty face unattractive. Pigmentation may be secondary to melasma, naevus of ota or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

Women, compared to men, are far more likely  to get melasma. It is common during pregnancy that some people call it the mask of pregnancy. The surge in hormones seem to trigger melasma.

 Following laser treatment, it is important to adhere to strict skin care and routine sunblock. Our patients are routinely recommended to consume sublingual glutathione (an anti-oxidant) to continue to inhibit melanin production. 



Glutathione inhibits melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme found in melanocytes.  

Tyrosinase is an important enzyme in the biosynthesis of melanin. 


Cosmelan-amf is an effective cosmetic depigmentation treatment against skin blemishes caused by melanin. This cosmetic treatment comprises two phases:

  • The first phase requires the application of the product to be done at an authorised clinic by the doctor to ensure that the treatment is done correctly.

  • The second phase requires a maintenance program that can be done at home with instructions given by the doctor.

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