Total Facial Rejuvenation in Singapore


5 Points to Consider

New advancements in cosmetic technology has made minimally invasive procedures more popular – ones that involve no surgery, no bone chiseling, minimal scarring and minimal downtime for patients. However, ‘minimally invasive cosmetic procedures’ does not mean complication free.

We will discuss 5 important points that you can discuss with us before receiving treatment:


The most popular part of our body for minor cosmetic procedures is the face. Our face is like a piece of prime real estate, where the three most important factors to consider are location, location and location. Our facial anatomy contains a complex network of vessels, nerves and muscles that injectors will need to be aware of to achieve desired results and reduce side effects. Procedures, like jaw slimming by injecting the masseters with Botox, requires knowledge of the deep masseter and the superficial risorius muscle. Wrong placement of Botox can result in a crooked or a “Joker” smile that last for 6 months to a year

Point of entry

The correction of certain defects may not involve injecting directly into the defects.  The formation of laugh lines (nasolabial lines) may be due to loss of superficial cheek fat resulting in descend of cheek tissue rather than pure loss of collagen in the nasolabial folds. As such, the correction of laugh lines may not require much or any injection of the nasolabial folds at all. It may require injection of the zygomatic prominence, zygomatic arch and malar region to correct the descent of the malar fat pads to create the lift effect. This is beautifully illustrated by Dr De Maio (a Brazilian plastic surgeon) in his 8-Point-lift technique. (click video to see his demonstration)


Dosage of injection

The effect of enhancement is related to the dosage injected. For masseter reduction, which is a bulky muscle, the dosage of Botox has to be adequate for the effect to be pronounced. Overdilution of Botox may result in less than desirable effects or migration of Botox to unintended muscles.


Injectable fillers

There are many injectable materials in the market ranging from poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra) , calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) to latest injectables – hyaluronic acid with latest Vycross technology (Juvederm), injectable bioresorbable implant Ellanse and even the now obsolete silicon. Experience and understanding the injected material is important in achieving the desired result. Materials may differ in longevity in the body and cohesivity – staying the plane of injection.

With age, our facial bones get resorbed and permanent fillers are notorious for requiring surgery later because it does not change as the bone remodels. The results of permanent fillers may look nice initially. However, the material may appear lumpy later as the permanent filler elicits scarring that walls off the foreign material. Permanent fillers can only be removed surgically. Hence, to overcome this, we prefer Juvederm hyaluronate filler which has the latest Vycross technology. It produces desired results with the least side effects. Although it is temporary – lasting an average of 1 to 2 years, it accommodates for changes in our facial structures as we age. 


Sense of aesthetics

The doctor’s sense of aesthetics is critical in delivering the results you desired. Rapport with your aesthetic doctor will facilitate the communication of your expectations to the doctor. While traveling to foreign countries for cosmetic enhancement may prove economical, lack of common language between you and your doctor means your aesthetic ideals may be lost in translation. Your doctor will advise if your desired results are technically achievable and if it is suitable for your facial features. Your treating doctor must constantly update himself with the latest trends in beauty and latest innovations in the market. Eg the most desired lip enhancement for Chinese patients is – Chinese movie star Fan Bing Bing’s lip. If your doctor is unfamiliar with the look you hope to achieve, a photo of your desired look will be very helpful. Make sure you work with a team who understands your beauty goals.


Phi Concept

phiconcept phiconcept-02

At ICARE Medical, we adopt a global comprehensive approach to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation by optimizing facial volume, creating harmony, symmetry and balance through re-flation and contouring. To maintain natural results and avoid overinflation, proportions were achieved initially by the use of a golden mean caliper; see picture.


The Triangle of Youth. Youth is typified by a full and wide midface. Aging results in deflation of midface structures and support, tissue deterioration and descend of facial envelope, causing a reversal of the triangle and facial proportion. The Four Ds of aging: deflation, deterioration, descent, and disproportion. At iCare Medical, we address the 4 D’s of aging. deflation from loss of fat pad (see picture), deterioration of skin texture and colour, descent of skin envelope and disproportion from loss of facial symmetry.

Discuss your needs with our doctors

Whether you’re looking for a radical reshaping of your facial anatomy, a Broad band light facial rejuvenation treatment for the management of ageing skin, or a Fotona facial rejuvenation to help manage pigmentation, we encourage you to get in touch with our Singapore clinic about our range of aesthetic procedures.