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2nd February 2018 

We are proud to introduce the Rejuran regenerative (婴儿针) treatment. At iCare medical, we are constantly introducing the latest in skin regenerative treatment to help you store your youthful appearance. Rejuran is different from previous treatment like Botulinum toxin or filler as it targets at restoring your youth at the cellular level.

This innovative treatment is popular with ladies in Korea and China for restoring their youthful appearance. Rejuran contains long chain Polynucleotide(PN) DNA harnessed from Salmon DNA extract and possesses multiple benefits for the skin from being a natural filler to heal with age-reversal and youth-generating effects on the skin! 

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30th January 2018


Mother-daughter to Sisters Campaign

Ever wonder how people managed to look like their daughter’s friend rather than looking like their mother? Being able to look like their daughter’s friend helps to reduce the generation gap and enhances communication between parent and children. 

With rapidly evolving techniques as well as reliable products, looking younger has never been safer with much lesser downtime. The aging cycle can be divided into 4 D’s – 

Deterioration– deterioration in skin quality. The deterioration in skin quality includes wrinkling, skin dyschromia, dermis thickness. 

Deflation– from loss of facial fat pads, making the face more skeletonised. The loss of forehead fatpads, cheek fatpads, eye SOOF fats make a person look older and haggard. 

Descent – from skin laxity and loss of fat pads causing tissue descent. The loss of elastic collagen support and some degree of ligamentous laxity causes the face to descent in response to gravity. 

Disproportion – resulting in loss of Golden Ratio. A divine proportion that defines a lot of beautiful things in life. The loss of facial symmetry distorts the facial harmony and balance. 

Looking younger is not solved by a single solution like a magic bullet as more often than not, more than one factor is at play. Some D’s of aging may matter more than others. It is important to address each of the D’s of aging and more than one modality of treatment maybe required.   

 Below is a consensus recommendation by eminent Dr Carruthers. The gist of the article states that combined treatment with Botulinum Toxin, Fillers and Energy-Based Devices such as MFU work better than solitary treatment modality. An interpretation is that each  treatment may not address all the D’s of aging but a combination works better.