Tattoo Removal

After 5 sessions

Tattoo removal requires multiple sessions and
patience to reduce the incidence of scarring

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Fotona ND Yag

“End the embarrassment of unwanted tattoos”

Laser tattoo removal has become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because it offers an effective alternative that is low risk, bloodless and has minimal side effects.

Advantages of Fotona laser tattoo removal

  • Safe and effective

  • Minimal bleeding or scars

  • For amatuer and professional tattoos

  • No anaesthesia

Tattoo removal using Fotona Laser



Is it painful?


People who have had tattoo removal by laser sat it feels like a rubber band snapping on skin. If you desire pain relief, we may apply our customised BLT numbing cream at least half an hour before procedure.


How many sessions do I need?


The number of sessions is dependent on 4 D’s – Depth,  Duration, Durability and Distribution.

  • Depth : Amatuer tattoos are the easiest to removal as it maybe shallow whereas professional one may need more sessions as it may be deeper.

  • Duration: Tattoos that is inked more recently will be more difficult to remove the tattoo inked decades ago.

  • Durability: Tattoo ink is inked with heavy metal dyes, as such it is dependent on the dyes that is used by your tattoo artists. Dyes that are more difficult to breakdown will take more sessions.

  • Distribution: One of the most delicate area for tattoo removal is the face. It is important to prevent scarring as it is undesirable to removal aggressively and end up with scarring replacing the tattoo. It will be advisable to have more sessions and lower fluence to prevent scarring.

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