Corporate Insurance

We are a partner of the following corporate health insurance. 

fullerton IHP Shenton MHC
 Fullerton Healthcare Integrated Health
Parkway Shenton and
Shenton Insurance
Make Health
alliance Pioneer Chas  
Alliance Health
Pioneer Chas (Community
Health Assist Scheme)


  1. Please provide a photo identification card (identity card, birth certificate, passport) as well as your health insurance card or webapp to facilitate registration. 
  2. Specialist and radiological examinations are dependent on company contracts and individual contracts with their respective companies. For eligibility, please kindly confirm with individual human resource departments and insurance company
  3. Specialist referrals are made on the first available basis. If you are unable to attend the appointment, please kindly contact the specialist clinics to reschedule an appointment that coincides with your preference.   
  4. Kindly note that appointments are not accepted for corporate insurance patients.