Healthy Eating




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1. 多吃各种绿叶蔬菜和水果,因为它们含有人体必需的维生素和矿物质

Eat  a variety of leafy  vegetables and fruits, as they contain essential vitamins  and minerals

2. 多吃更多的高纤维食物,如全麦面包和谷类食品

Consume more high fibre food eg wholemeal bread and cereals.

3. 食用适量的鱼和瘦肉,以摄取蛋白质(见下表)

Consume more of  protein by consuming lean meat and fish (See table below )  

4. 减少食用含有饱和脂肪和高胆固醇的食物, 如肥肉,鱿鱼等  (看下表)

Reduce the consumption of unsaturated fat and high cholesterol food (See table below)

5. 减少食用含有精制碳水化合物的食品, 如蛋糕, 汽水等食物

Reduce sugar intake by cutting down on refined carbohydrates eg cakes, soft drinks

6. 保持标准体重 (BMI 少于23)

Maintain ideal body weight by keeping body mass index below 23 (weight/height2)

7. 经常运动, 每周至少三次, 每次一小时,如快走,慢跑 和游泳。

Exercise regularly at least 3 x/ week and 1 hour each session eg brisk walking, jogging and swimming.


胆固醇含量 Cholesterol Content


Low (Less than 100mg cholesterol) 低含量(小于100毫克的胆固醇)

Medium (100-199 mg cholesterol)


High ( 200MG & above cholesterol)


鸡蛋 Egg (55g)


蛋白 Egg White


Lower cholesterol egg

鸡蛋 一粒 Whole Egg

肉类 Meat (90g)


瘦牛肉 Lean Beef/Veal


瘦鸡和鸭肉Lean Chicken & Duck


瘦羊肉Lean Lamb/Mutton


瘦猪肉/火腿Lean Pork/Ham


海鲜 Seafood (90g)


新鲜的鱼 All fresh fish

龙虾 Lobster

鱿鱼 Squid

Mackerel 鲭鱼

虾 Prawns/shrimps

鱼卵 Fish Roe


l沙丁鱼 Sardines in oil