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ICARE Medical and Wellness Clinic is dedicated to providing effective and safe cosmetic enhancements with minimal downtime. Harnessing the benefits that modern technologies have to offer, ICARE strives to help you achieve your beauty goals through youth rehabilitation and aesthetic enhancement.

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Dr Larry Wu

Always embracing change and innovation, Dr Larry Wu is currently a strong advocate of non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements that utilise topical products, laser equipment, and maintenance medication. He is dedicated to quality, service and image enhancement with a focus on making his clients comfortable in their own skin.

Dr Larry's Credentials
  • MBBS (Sydney)
  • Regional Trainer For Ellanse & Silhouette Soft
  • MRCS (Edinburgh)
  • Regional speaker for Classys
  • MMED (Singapore)
  • Hair Transplantation Certified (USA)
  • Masters Of Non Surgical Rejuvenation (ARU)
  • How Does Fotona 4D Work?

    Fotona 4D Facelift Treatment uses 4 unique laser modes in sequence. The precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser light penetrates deeply into your skin to work on deeper, medial and superficial connective structures in order to strengthen collagen and mechanically break apart unwanted particles which are removed by your immune system. This results in lasting skin volumisation and tightening. Nd:YAG laser light also treats overactive sebaceous glands to improve acne and reduce the risk of new acne inflammation.

  • What Is The Process Of Treatment?

    During your inital consultation, Dr Larry will take your medical history, answer any questions that you may have and examine your skin condition to evaluate if this treatment will benefit you.

    The treatment lasts approximately 60-90 minutes.During the light peel, you may have a warm or a mild pinching sensation on your skin. Post treatment, you may notice a mild peeling of your skin which will resolve in one or two days. Results are immediate and gradually improves over the following 3 to 6 months with ongoing collagen remodelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mode 1 – SMOOTH® Revolutionary
A gentle ‘inner mouth’ heating treatment which stimulates collagen fibres contraction and generation of new collagen, creating a plumping effect to the nasolabial folds from inside out similar to a dermal filler.

Mode 2 – FRAC3®
This step treats deeper imperfections to complement effects of the ‘inner mouth’ treatment, and to restore youthful skin texture.

Mode 3 – PIANO®
Unique ultra-long pulse NdYag in this third step is used to synergistically tighten your skin from the outside. Safe and controlled heat delivery is concentrated in subcutaneous layer of your skin.

Mode 4 – SupErficial®
Finally, a controlled light peel without thermal effects is used to give your skin a pearl finish without downtime.

No. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. You can proceed with your daily activities right after treatment.

Fotona 4D laser is ideal for those who want the visual impact of a facelift – without the cost, pain and inconvenience of surgery. It is effective for treating the following concerns:

• Wrinkles & Fine Lines
• Sagging Skin & Jowls
• Devolumised cheeks
• Nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth)*
• Poor skin tone and texture
• Acne

Fotona 4D Facelift Treatment is very safe. Its innovative technology allows safe, precisely controlled and optimal delivery of laser pulses to the treatment area, without causing damage to surrounding tissue.

Due to the treatment’s non-invasive and gentle nature, its side-effects are minimal. From experience with our patients although individual results may vary, you’re unlikely to experience any pain, downtime or bruising.

You may, however, experience some reddening and gentle peeling of the treatment area. To minimise these effects, we recommend you moisturise and use sun protection for up to eight weeks after treatment.

Treatment lasts approximately 60-90 minutes depending on your skin condition.

Many patient achieve immediate skin improvement and lifting results after only one treatment.

Depending on your skin condition and need for rejuvenation, we may recommend up to four treatments (each four to six weeks apart).

After your first consultation with our doctor, he will recommend a personalised treatment program that’s right for you.

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