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Our Medical Practice

Our Singapore Medical

Our health care clinic provides a range of screening packages and consultation services helping people across the city to live the healthiest version of their life possible. In addition to our general practice medicine facilities, we also offer a range of minor aesthetic procedures.

Dr Larry Wu HuiChing is the founder of our medical clinic. Dr Wu is a practiced and experienced physician dedicated to the betterment of his patients’ health and the provision of quality healthcare plans.

Our clinic’s core values are delivering the highest quality healthcare service and medication currently available as well as a high level of patient satisfaction. We combine this with a dedication to constant innovation to ensure that we are always serving our patients in the best, most responsive way.

Our Medical Practice

Health Screening
& General Consultation

Part of our role as general practitioners is monitoring and seeking to improve the overall health situation of each one of our patients. This goes beyond the simple biological aspect – though this is a crucial part of the individual’s health – and encompasses emotional and mental wellbeing.

To enhance the quality of life of our patients we encourage a healthy lifestyle that has them taking responsibility for the condition of their bodies, working with us as partners in their wellbeing. Education is one of our health care clinic’s core values, so we welcome questions about your current lifestyle from people looking to improve their overall wellness and long-term health.

Our Medical Practice

Aesthetic Treatments
& Procedures

Whether it is reversing the signs of ageing, removing moles or tattoos, or reducing body fat, you can rely on our doctors to give you their professional opinion on the procedure you want to be done. ICARE Medical and Wellness Clinic strives to deliver affordable and reliable services that can address patients’ concerns.

We provide a range of procedures including facial rejuvenation, thread lifts, ultrasound face tightening, Botulinum injections and fat freeze treatments. Your unique situation and the guidance of your physician will determine which treatments are most suitable. Discuss your goals with one of our staff members to discover which are appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

ICARE Medical and Wellness Clinic provides aesthetic solutions that help patients achieve their desired physical attributes.

Our Location

ICARE Medical and Wellness Clinic
was built on the passion and
perseverance of Dr. Larry Wu HuiChing.

ICARE Medical
and Wellness Clinic
Block 22 Havelock Road #01-701
Singapore 160022

Our Schedule

Monday – Saturday 8 am – 10 pm
Sunday and public holidays 10am – 10pm
26th February 2018-1st March 2018  9 am – 5pm